Your source for great SFFD (San Francisco Fire Department) themed shirts, sweats, and other great gear!   All gear may be purchased and used freely by anybody, on the condition that you never misrepresent yourself.  Everything I have here is sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - because I only handle "The Good Stuff - Firefighter Tough".  Ask your friends, they'll tell you about this place.

      The Gear Wizard is RETIRED!!!

Important Announcement!    Thank you for letting me be your "Gear Wizard" for the last 17 years.  The time has now come for me to retire and close up shop, effective 11/11/18.     No more orders are being accepted.  Orders in the pipeline will either be filled or refunded.

If anyone is interested in making an offer to carry the shop on, email me at bcereske@gmail.com.






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