Your source for great SFFD (San Francisco Fire Department) themed shirts, sweats, and other great gear!   All gear may be purchased and used freely by anybody, on the condition that you never misrepresent yourself.  Everything I have here is sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - because I only handle "The Good Stuff - Firefighter Tough".  Ask your friends, they'll tell you about this place.

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Important Announcement!    Thank you for letting me be your "Gear Wizard" for the last 17 years.  The time has now come for me to retire and close up shop, probably before Thanksgiving. Because of unknown timing issues, no orders are being accepted outside the United States.   If anyone is interested in making an offer to carry the shop on, email me at bcereske@gmail.com.

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Station Duty Shirt Dep't.  Here is the  SFFD "Station Duty" Teewpe56733.gif (53121 bytes) shirt, wpe51014.gif (74946 bytes) These are the real deal, with screen printing front AND back!                        Click a shirt to see the entire line!

   THIS is the shirt that started my site on Sept. 6,  2001!


pm shirt.jpg (424382 bytes)105-0507_IMG.JPG (421684 bytes)NOW HERE!  SFFD Paramedic Gear!

New H3's - I hear you calling -- and I'm answering - Code 3! Click a shirt!

st8.jpg (404440 bytes)wpe2.jpg (967680 bytes)The "All American" Patriot Tees are here! Click an image!

  Keep in shape with EXERCISE GEAR!  First off, a WORLD EXCLUSIVE SHIRT! With just the right attitude! Click the picture!  Gotta' have it!


  "Spring Training" line of SFFD shirts and caps.   A delightful NEW logo! Click the pictures!  You DO like our Team, Right?


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The Reading Room!  The most Amazing  Firefighting book ever written is now here! 

  Click on the book for the whole story - starting in 1906!

 Get the Tee Shirt.  Get the Tee shirt for FREE!  Click on the book cover!

 Frankie and The Phoenix!  The new Children's Book!  Click it!  Buy it!  Give it as a gift!

Might as well buy it here - Amazon COSTS MORE!  This is very cool and unique!  Click the book cover!

wpe93556.gif (84221 bytes)wpe08833.gif (44685 bytes) EMBROIDERED Tee shirts Department! There is just something

 about quality embroidery that is delightful to behold.   Delight is yours! Click on the images to see these shirts!!

 I have you covered! Click An Image!


wpe35729.gif (63999 bytes) Windbreaker Department!  Click on the windbreaker picture to visit my windbreaker selection.  THREE beautiful designs to keep you warm, cozy and looking sharp! 

Classic! "Crossed Axes" Sweatshirt - with Hood! Click on the shirt to find out more!


Short Orders and Clearance Department!   Here is a selection of short orders, clearance items, and things that I just happen to be able to get in small quantities.  If you see something you like, you should order quickly!      Click on the Shirt!                      

wpe22563.gif (71043 bytes) SFFD "Sport" shirts!  A beautiful collar, and a wpe59396.gif (61208 bytes)handsome  look!   Stunning!

 Click on the picture!          1890's Design!  The design on the NEW Apparatus!


wpe61332.gif (83629 bytes) "SFFD Hats" Department!  Yes, somebody did ask, so I went and got them for you!!  Click on the hat to see what I was able to bring home - just for you! 


NERT Gear Department! Shirts are here! wpe79856.gif (77898 bytes) wpe62355.gif (72099 bytes)   Click on the shirt to see!  NERT is the SFFD's civilian disaster preparedness and response team, with over 10,000 civilian members. 

 Emergency Gear Department! Some items are just hard to find in the "right" quantities.  You can't buy 10,000 units of something perishable, and exwpe44352.gif (121973 bytes)pect to use them in their lifetime.  I can!  I break down huge orders into something you can actually use!  Click on the graphic, or here.


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Remember:  Any member of the public may purchase and wear SFFDGear, freely.  It's like wearing the gear from your favorite team!  When you wear your gear, you are on your honor to never misrepresent yourself.  Visit the "Some Details" page for some really good reasons to follow this advice.

This site is not connected with, endorsed, approved, reviewed nor authorized by the San Francisco Fire Department - nor anybody else, for that matter. We just love 'em!  From what I hear, they love me, too!!  Nary a complaint, especially when I present the site's annual donation to the San Francisco Firefighter's Toy Program!  

HONOR ROLL: M-15, M-18, T-15, E-39 (again and again), you are well loved.  E-39 how many times did you save my Mom - now deceased - from both Fire and Medical distress?   Not to mention my GF (now my wife) .  There was a certain E-39 and M-15 rescue theme going on there!  M-15 and E-33 - you should know by now - you scooped my Kid off the street - hit by a car - and got him to SFGH Code 3, and he lived! - and thrived! Thanks to you, he's back to normal.  Thank you E-33 and M-15!  M-32, YOU are added the List as of Feb. 2006!  To the list, Everyone who stands ready to serve and save - professional or volunteer - is on the Honor Roll too!

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